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Proper optimization of your website is the Search Engine Optimization for business websitesfirst step in being found on the internet. If search engines are the modern day yellow book, imagine the power of being listed first on Google for a Naperville listing. Let Orange Piranha help you take your business model to the next level with our Naperville Search Engine Optimization services.

Naperville Chamber Member

Orange Piranha is a proud member of the Naperville Chamber of Commerce
Orange Piranha is a proud member of the Naperville Chamber of Commerce.

Five tips for ranking your Naperville business in Google Local search results

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How does your Naperville website stand up?

Build a steady stream of quality traffic to your Napervillle business by optimizing your Google Local search profile. More and more people are turning from the YellowPages to a quick Google search. Is your company prepared for the switch?


Establishing a strong website presence

It might seem obvious, but a large number of business listings don't have a website. Having a properly optimized website targeting a specific set of Naperville based keywords will help you rank higher. Be sure you do this correctly, and above all, don’t over do this!


Establish a link building campaign with relevant websites and directories

When websites start linking to your company, Google identifies your website as an authoritative source. The more quality websites that link to you, the more success you will have in the search engines.

Start by exchanging links within your community. These should be relevant to your business, and can include the Naperville Chamber of Commerce, visitor bureau sites and city directories.

Other options include websites like CitySearch, Yelp and InsiderPages. However, you should start by exchanging links with websites relevant to your business and in your industry.


Your contact information should be search engine friendly

Perform this simple test

  • Visit your website and locate your contact information.
  • Can you highlight the text in your phone number, address and other contact information?
  • If your contact information is not on every page and you can’t highlight your text (ie: your contact information is contained within an image), you have some serious work to do!

You want your contact information to be as search engine friendly as possible. Search engines have a hard time reading text within an image, so make it easy for them and improve your chances of ranking faster.


Complete your profile as much as possible

Local search accounts with the most information tend to rank the highest. With this being said, include all relevant phone numbers, contact information and websites. Other information should include:

  • Hours of operation
  • Photos and videos
  • Discounts and Coupons
  • Acceptable payment methods

Include your keywords in your Local Search profile

This might sound like another obvious one, but be sure to act on this! By including your keywords in your title and description, you can emphasize your website when someone searches with your keywords. A properly optimized website backed by a properly optimized Google Local profile will drive steady, targeted traffic to your business.

Questions about your Naperville SEO? Contact us for more information or request your free quote.

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