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Proper optimization of your website is the Search Engine Optimization for business websitesfirst step in being found on the internet. If search engines are the modern day yellow book, imagine the power of being listed first on Google for a Naperville listing. Let Orange Piranha help you take your business model to the next level with our Naperville Search Engine Optimization services.

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Orange Piranha is a proud member of the Naperville Chamber of Commerce.

Should Naperville businesses use landing pages?

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What is a landing page?

Simply put, a landing page is a short, one page website with the sole purpose of engaging your visitor in an activity you have specified. Statistics have proven that using landing pages in your marketing campaign can dramatically increase your overall conversions.

What is a conversion for your business? Well, it could be a number of things, but most often it is a form of lead generation, online sales or brand awareness.

Follow the scent trail

Landing Page Scent Trails by Orange PiranhaIf you are a Naperville dentist trying to promote dental implants, does it make sense to send your visitors to your home page? If you answered yes, you couldn’t be more wrong!

Statistics have proven over and over that you need to guide your visitors where you want them to go. Your visitors are far from stupid, but don’t think you shouldn’t point them in the right direction either. In short, if a visitor is given too many options, they will browse around, become less interested in your services and eventually leave your site.

Think of it like this, if a customer stops in and asks about dental implants, would you proceed to start telling them all about your teeth whitening services? Of course not! The same theory applies online, and has been thoroughly tested over and over – lead your visitors in a solid direction!

To engage your visitors, you should speak directly to their interests. Again, let’s follow the dental example. A potential patient searches for Naperville dental implants online. Because of your extensive search engine optimization, your dental implants page appears at the top of Google’s search results. A visitor proceeds to click on your link and is taken directly to a dental implants landing page. This page extends your brand image, but dramatically limits your visitor’s options on your website.

Instead of giving the visitor the freedom to browse around, we tell them everything they need to know about your dental implants, followed directly by a call to action. In this case, I would suggest your call to action would be an online form for lead generation purposes. In order to receive more information, they must fill out your short form, giving you the information to follow up on the lead, while satisfying their search needs.

I think I get it, but will this really help my business?

Absolutely! The most crucial aspect to your landing pages are the statistics you gather from them. Sometimes, these are even more valuable then the conversions you generate.

Marketing has taken a dramatic shift in the online world, and the days of speculating over marketing strategies are over. Instead, we adopt methods that gather instant results to allow you, the business owner to make crucial, time sensitive decisions based on hard data.

Landing Page Best Practices

  • Use a strong, clear and creative marketing message. This is the most influential part of your landing page. A user might not remember your website, but they will remember a trendy catch phrase.
  • Continue your scent trail. Your landing page headlines should match the advertisement they came from. (ie: billboard, magazine ad, Google ad) This is essential to keeping the visitor engaged! If possible, repeat the headline verbatim.
  • Landing Page Hero Shot by Orange PiranhaConsider using a hero shot. A hero shot is an image in your landing page that compliments your marketing message. If you are a dentist, it might be a picture of your team. If you are a reseller, it might be a picture of the product you are promoting. Further, hero shots should be above the fold, contain a short caption and always be on the left side.

    Why the left side? It is unnatural for a visitor to first look at an image on the right, and then move their eyes back to the left to read your message. Look at Amazon and other big online retailers – they’re product images are always to the left.
  • Keep the landing page short, with the most important information (your call to action) above the fold. If a visitor doesn’t see what they are looking for in the first ten seconds, they will leave without any hesitation. More and more it should become clear that landing pages are a numbers game. Small changes here and there can have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of your landing page.
  • Keep your call to action on the first page. If you are focusing on lead generation, keep the form as short as possible and include that form on the initial landing page.
  • Test, test and test again. There are a variety of tools out there to help you test your landing pages. What you might think works well could be completely wrong. Instead of guessing, test your landing pages against each other. To fully understand the effectiveness, make small changes to your landing pages so you can really understand what’s working.

This article was written by Tyler Bartholomew, of Orange Piranha, a Naperville Web Design company. Looking for more information on our web design services?
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