Customer Tools - Visitor Analysis

Orange Piranha provides our clients with a variety of tools to assist in customer feedback and reporting. Read below to discover just a few of these tools we offer.

OUCH! That's hot!Website Heatmap Traffic Analytics for business owners

Through server side scripting, we can integrate a monitoring system that displays the most active areas of your website. These are displayed through heat marks to visually display the hits in an easy to understand manner.  These heat maps not only determine where a user clicks, but where a user looks as well. 

Say Hi! You're on Candid Camera!

No, not really. However, we do offer real time video feeds of your visitors. While this may sound creepy, it's completely safe and completely harmless. A small program inserted in to the bottom of your site allows you to visually track where a visitors mouse went on your website. Think of their cursor as your visitors eyes. A button on the bottom of your page may be receiving a large number of clicks, while another is not. Watch your visitors' behavior and learn how to better optimize your website. 

Pie graphs, charts and lists, Oh My!Website Traffic Analysis - Understand your visitors behavior

In addition to our heat maps and video feeds, we supply our clients with all the detailed statistics they could ever ask for. You think we're kidding - but we're not! We have page after page of detailed visitor behavior broken down into an easy and readable format. We cover everything from entrance points to exit points, geographical visitor information and even goal setting programs that provide up-to-the-minute statistics.

Pre-Installed Web Scripts

While all of these state-of-the-art tools are nice, direct feedback from your customer is always the best. With this in mind, we have created a system that installs webscripts with the click of a button. These tools range from message boards, to customer feedback forms, to polls, to  tech support tools. You no longer have to wait weeks for a new application to be installed on your website. Take your website to the next level in only 5 minutes!

 Follow the Pros! Orange Piranha has been developing websites for years.  Let us do the legwork while we supply you with the tools to learn from your customers and monetize your website in a way that generates more revenue for you.

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