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Proper optimization of your website is the Search Engine Optimization for business websitesfirst step in being found on the internet. If search engines are the modern day yellow book, imagine the power of being listed first on Google for a Naperville listing. Let Orange Piranha help you take your business model to the next level with our Naperville Search Engine Optimization services.

Naperville Chamber Member

Orange Piranha is a proud member of the Naperville Chamber of Commerce
Orange Piranha is a proud member of the Naperville Chamber of Commerce.

Client Testimonials

"Orange Piranha was able to make key recommendations that will help make Money Questions a successful and profitable company.   I will definitely continue to work with them as my website grows over time.

-Tom O'Dowd, MoneyQuestions.Com

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Naperville Search Engine Optimization

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An expert in online marketing, Orange Piranha has a proven record of strategies that provide measurable, long-term results.  Our services will increase your search engine rank along with your overall website traffic. Our technical and copywriting staff allows us to meet the needs of companies with diverse websites in competitive industries.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Naperville Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website's ranking in the natural portion of the search results. In other words, when a user searches for your industry, where is your company in the search results? Studies have shown that over 85% of search engine clicks are for the top listings on the first results page. Orange Piranha helps our clients receiving those top ranking positions by modifying their websites to meet what search engines (ultimately your clients) are searching for.

There are hundreds of factors to consider while optimizing your website. However, the two most vital elements are the keywords in your content and the number of external websites linking to you. Other factors will include the quality of sites linking to you, the age of your website, and the internal linking structure of your website.


Orange Piranha will identify your online goals and build a custom search engine marketing strategy that will boost conversion rates and brand recognition. Our initial consultation elaborates how search engines rank your website and explains how your current website works for or against your search engine ranking. Additionally, we will provide our suggestions for optimization and long-term growth. By the end of our consultation, you will have a better understanding of what your competition is doing and what is required to achieve and maintain a top ranking position.

Content Writing & Optimization

Your marketing message should not only be well written, but optimized specifically for search engines. As far as search engines are concerned, copy is king! The content on your website is what brings your site to the attention of the search engines.

Orange Piranha copywriters will create informative and highly relevant copy for your target audience while also satisfying the rules of search engine algorithms. In short, our copywriters will maintain your company message while optimizing it for keyword relevance.

Keyword Research

Naperville SEOEffect selection of keywords is the first step in our SEO process. Keyword selection could almost be considered a science. Like most forms of science, it requires specialized tools, dedicated research and years of experience to achieve the best results.

Orange Piranha uses a variety of tools, research skills and leading techniques to select keywords with the greatest potential for success. Our customized approach enables you to establish a marketing plan that thrives on relevant, profitable keywords.

Website Optimization

Our team of developers are experts in website optimization. Thorough redevelopment of your website will ensure proper integration of your information architecture, meta tags and internal linking structure.

Link Development

Attaining a prominent position in the search engines is in part determined by the number of external websites linking to you. Techniques for link development include one way links from industry sites, fee-based directories, press releases and targeted online marketing.

Performance Analysis

In this economy, your marketing campaign depends on measurable, real time results. Before any optimization begins, we determine your initial ranking on a series of search engines. A full analysis of your competitors, their rankings and link strength will also be provided. Monthly reports will detail the progress of your ranking position, keyword ranking and competitor analysis. Other various tools measure your overall performance, focusing on your return on investment.
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