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Proper optimization of your website is the Search Engine Optimization for business websitesfirst step in being found on the internet. If search engines are the modern day yellow book, imagine the power of being listed first on Google for a Naperville listing. Let Orange Piranha help you take your business model to the next level with our Naperville Search Engine Optimization services.

Naperville Chamber Member

Orange Piranha is a proud member of the Naperville Chamber of Commerce
Orange Piranha is a proud member of the Naperville Chamber of Commerce.

Your Next Steps

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Brainstorming and Progressive Thinking

Taking the time to develop a basic plan will help us deliver your project on time and on budget.

What is your message and how do you wish to communicate it?

Creating unique and resourceful content will ensure repeat visitors.
  • What is the best way for you to convert a potential vistor into a customer?
  • What is the main message you want a potential customer to leave with?
  • What pages do you need to convey that message?
  • Discover your website heirarchy or sitemap

Are there any tools or resources that might assist your business?

While your website serves to inform, it can also be a key asset to your business.
  • Do you need any e-commerce or payment processing on your website?
  • Do you need any sales or lead management tools?
  • Do you need the ability to regularly update your website on your own?

Request a free web development and marketing quote

Once we understand the direction you wish to take your website, OrangePiranha will provide a web development / marketing campaign quote along with our market analysis and suggested next steps. By doing this, we will help you discover the following:

Market Analysis

  • Who are you competitors, are they local and/or national?
  • What marketing strategies are your competitors using?
  • What keywords target my specific industry?

Marketing Improvements and Suggestions

  • How can I improve my brand awareness?
  • What can I do to increase my local exposure?
  • What can I do to increase my national exposure?
  • Where are my visitors coming from?
  • Where are my visitors leaving?
  • What most interests my customers?

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